Medical & Environmental Refrigeration - West Lafayette, In

Looking for a walk-in cooler, ultra-low freezer, or environmental growth chamber? Dienhart's Refrigeration Specialties is the leader in this field as we have worked closely with medical, environmental and commercial refrigeration manufacturers for over 20 years. Our educated and certified technicians have extensive experience in this industry. We can provide a variety of repair and preventative maintenance services whether it's for your greenhouse, growth chamber or biomedical ultra-low freezer.
Our Medical & Environmental Refrigeration Services:
  • Ultra-low refrigeration
  • Growth chambers
  • Incubators
  • Greenhouses... and more!

Leading Edge Ultra-low Refrigeration Products

Dienhart's Refrigeration Specialties only retails and installs the best ultra-low refrigeration products on the market. Our brands include:
  • VWR
  • Revco
  • Sanyo
  • Solo... and more!
To learn more about what refrigeration services we provide for medical, pharmaceutical and research facilities, call our office today.